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A.P.T at U.H.L

From Creekside to Riverside

The exhibition space within Riverside will host an ongoing series of exhibitions
of artworks produced by artists from A.P.T

This initiative was instigated by APT Artist-member Chris Marshall who identified
this exhibiting opportunity after having previously developed a working relationship
with UHL and its arts committee, through producing a commissioned public
sculpture in the grounds of the hospital. He recognised and nurtured this initiative
as a natural way of fulfilling and adding to A.P.T's charitable aims through the
exhibiting of new artwork being produced at A.P.T studios.

The Trustees of A.P.T welcome this chance for A.P.T to start an outreach
programme for its artists to freely show their work in a particularly sensitive environment. It is hoped that the work exhibited will engender a rich and inspiring
visual experience to patients, staff and visitors to the hospital.

The Riverside exhibition space now adds to the extensive collection of artwork
to be seen throughout Lewisham Hospital.

A.P.T wishes to thank Lewisham Hospital's Arts Committee for providing the
exhibition space and inviting its artist-members to participate in this exciting
and innovative arts programme.

Exhibition Programme

March 2012 | Anthony Daley

This exhibition presents a series of recent paintings by the painter Anthony Daley. Daley studied fine art at Leeds, Wimbledon and Chelsea College of Art and is now
an established artist who shows widely in museums and galleries, nationally
and internationally. He currently lives and works in Lewisham where he has a
studio at A.P.T.

Daley’s paintings evolve out of his primary concern with the interplay of colour,
form and materials which have the power to conjure up a sense of awe, emotion
and recognition. The subject of the work is painting itself and for the painting’s resolution Daley whimsically glides fluidly between innovations in art history and
the capricious nature of time, space and the painterly act. The pictures are
abstracts, yet they evoke a sense of place and narrative.

This exhibition in the Riverside Exhibition Space has a special meaning for Daley
at this time in his life. In 2010 he spent more than twelve weeks at Lewisham Hospital undergoing investigations which led to major life saving surgery. During his stay in hospital he imagined he would do some sort of voluntary work as a ‘thank you’ to the staff for the wonderful expertise, dedication and care he experienced. Taking the lead from his surgeons who suggested he should get on with his normal life he returned to his studio. He is delighted for this opportunity to show this snapshot of his post-operative new lease of life, because for Anthony Daley normality is painting.

April 2012 | Stephen Lewis

Photographer  |  Jens Marott

As the train approached the Everton Valley the ground would start to fall away and you would be elevated - floating along an embankment and passing over the Leeds-Liverpool canal with its straddling pylons. Way below was a complex system of railway lines that tunneled their way to the docks. On the left appeared Tillotsons Packaging then on the right Tate and Lyle and the docks, the cargo ships barely visible behind the massive bonded warehouses. Suddenly the Mammoth would come into view, for years the largest crane in the world and, amongst all this an array of huge cylindrical silos would scent the scene with the smell of stored grain and hops.

The journey into the city became the perfect antidote to suburban Maghull on the north side of the green belt.

I realised many years later that this experience once or twice a month whilst travelling to Liverpool has stayed with me. It was a kind of physical drama that someday I would try and account for, in my case by making sculpture.

All my work attempts, in some way, to deal with physical and emotional experience. These sensations and memories are in their essence particular, subtle and difficult to isolate.

Stephen Lewis 2012

Stephen Lewis is a sculptor who has exhibited widely in the United Kingdom and Europe. He studied at Manchester Polytechnic and later at the Jan Van Eyck Academie in Maastricht. He has works in private and public collections in the UK, Norway, Luxembourg, Germany and the United States and Canada.