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A Threshold

15 September to 9 October 2016
Exhibition open Thursday to Sunday from 12noon to 5pm

Private View | Thursday 15 September 2016 | 6pm to 8pm

The threshold is an interface; the point at which two systems meet. This portal can manifest in innumerable ways; a window, a door, a wormhole between universes, sometimes even an artwork. In the instance of this exhibition those two systems are; what might be thought of as objective reality and each artist’s own subjectivity. Reality rubs up against the creator’s imagined realm and the nexus point that it produces is an artwork. In this manner, all artworks are thresholds and all artworks are liminal. The artwork and its formative processes are gateways to exploring different ways of being, other possible worlds, alternative forms of knowledge and nonstandard ways of knowing. The diverse works and non-works presented propose a mapping of intensities; rigorous practices that weave these explorations into matter.

A Threshold exhibition

As the prelude to APT’s Open Studios APT LIVE (23rd - 25th September), signalling the forthcoming throwing open of doors, A Threshold brings together an array of new and old works by A.P.T artist-members alongside incidental studio artefacts. As well as showcasing the wealth of talent that brews beneath the studios' brick and mortar skin, the exhibition provides a glimpse behind the building’s 42 studio doors, which conceal the idiosyncrasies of each practice.

By placing CD collections, seaside windmills and customised caps on display, A Threshold considers
objects that are integral to each practice which often remain out of sight, invisible behind closed doors.

Many of the items present form part of a daily studio routine which might involve; thinning paint, working stone or staying hydrated. Then there are the silent witnesses – objects left untouched for years, maybe even decades, forever watching over the successes and frustrations that occur within the space. All of these artefacts are born of the artistic practices which A.P.T is home to.

The annual A.P.T members group exhibition has been selected and curated by the A.P.T Graduate Studio Award 2016 holders; Chris Alton, Svenja Bühl, Finlay Forbes Gower and Jack Otway.