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Redstart Arts at A.P.T Gallery


Lewisham Council has commissioned five creative organisations
and businesses in the borough to choose artists who will create temporary projects using a sporting champions podium and the
theme of ‘everyone’s a winner’.

A.P.T and Redstart Arts
Cash Aspeek and Chris Marshall

> Podia Project commissioned by Lewisham Council

The Deptford skyline in South East London will be dramatically changed, as the rooftop of one of its oldest warehouses on the Creek will be surmounted by enigmatic and animated figures.

A celebration of the Olympics will come to Deptford as A.P.T's Studio building forms the Podia for effigies of winning athletes. Sculptural silhouettes adorned with their medals will reach for the sky to celebrate their success.

A.P.T and Redstart Arts have been commissioned by Lewisham Council to create a Podia under the theme 'Everyone's a Winner'. The route of the DLR from Lewisham to Greenwich will be one of the major routes to the Olympic venues and it has been chosen specifically to provide panoramic views of skySCAPE.

Lewisham-based artists, Cash Aspeek and Chris Marshall have worked with a group of adults with learning disabilities, known as the Redstarts, to draw, design and create sculptural forms of themselves at the moment of achievement.

Chris Marshall is an artist-member of A.P.T and he brings his expertise in public art and installation to the project. Cash Aspeek, director of Redstart Arts, brings her extensive experience of working with adults with learning disabilities and other visual and performing arts initiatives. They have come together with the Redstarts to create a partnership whose mission is to produce artwork to be seen and exhibited in the public domain.

skySCAPE is the third in the SCAPE series of installations involving the Redstart Arts. landSCAPE and scaffoldSCAPE were supported and hosted by A.P.T Gallery and Studios and Lewisham Arts Service, and skySCAPE is a public art commission funded by Lewisham Council .

skySCAPE can be seen from 12 April 2012 on the roof of A.P.T.



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