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APT encourages participation in the
visual arts through creative practice,
exhibitions and education


Art in Perpetuity Trust
Harold Wharf
6 Creekside
London SE8 4SA

Liz May
Studio & Gallery Manager

Registered Charity No. 1045363

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Redstart Arts develops and delivers visual arts programme for young adults with learning disabilities that enables them to work with practicing artists to create high quality art, installations or products that have a valued place within the visual and applied arts world.

Redstart Arts aims to foster individual creativity, develop critical thinking and challenge ideas around inclusion and acceptance. Redstart projects will bring high quality art to a knowledgeable audience and will inform a critical debate on excellence and inclusion.

Redstart Arts aims to show that the production of a piece of artwork can and should be of the highest quality and that the critical thought processes undertaken by the creator is the same for every artist, whether they have learning disabilities or not. The decision about making a mark or a line, or selecting a colour or a texture is a complex internal process that people with leaning disabilities can make and the programme will show the students how to develop a critical analysis that will inevitably lead to more considered and thoughtful work. The Redstart Arts' students will work closely with A.P.T artists to create good art.