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Artists in search of a landscape

Grant Aston, Fred Gatley, Sara Lee, Parm Rai, Chris Sowe

6 to 16 November 2014
Private View | Thursday 6 November 2014 | 6 to 8pm

Exhibition open | Thursday to Sunday and at other times by appointment

The landscape we inhabit has been formed through intervention; man's alterations and nature's adjustments. TRACE will show the work of five artists who work in, from and around landscape.

When we venture outside into the environment we find ourselves documenting changes. We record the now. We draw on times past. The five artists exhibiting in TRACE document and interpret landscape as it shifts and changes. From the eroded coastline of Yorkshire to the changing rural landscape of Wiltshire and the meanderings of the River Thames.

Grant Aston makes large ceramic three-dimensional collage sculptures. He takes shapes from buildings, metal work and the body, integrating them into his work.


Fred Gatley produces polished bone china and porcelain bowls on metal, wood and clay bases. He incorporates gathered materials into his clay bodies, each inclusion bringing its own story and history to the work.

Sara Lee's practice involves working from site-specific landscapes, followed by extended studio-based work. Predominantly working with drawing, film and print, her images are a response to the ephemeral nature of landscape and question our emotional and physical relationship to an evolving environment.

Parm Rai is inspired by, and passionate about, the British and Irish landscape. Using graphite powder, charcoal and slate dust, he creates evocative paintings, pencil drawings and photographs of mountains, woodlands and coastline.

Chris Sowe is a photographer who has been visiting Spurn Point, in Yorkshire, for nearly twenty years which sadly now, following the storms in the Autumn 2013, has gone. Chris will revisit the area in 2014 to document what is left, and discover what has happened to the people and communities that have been washed away. The pilots and lifeboat men are still there, but the children and families have left, their homes abandoned. The rock at the end
of Spurn still stands surrounded by caravan graveyards.

Exhibition kindly supported by The Cass